Kids aerial

Kids Aerial Silks, Lyra (Hoop) & Sling
Classes for ages 9-15yrs
Fall Session Sept. 9 - Dec. 20, 2019
15 Week Session
$300.00 + Tax

All different disciplines are separate classes.

This is a 1 hour class guided by a certified aerial arts instructor.
This class will allow the kids to learn the fundamental techniques of Aerial Silks, Lyra, and Sling in a fun and safe environment. They will learn the basics of aerial arts and sequences of movements as well as increase their strength and flexibility while having fun flying in the air!
When the students complete the beginner curriculum that is required to progress into the leveled classes, they will learn more intricate skills, drops, wraps and combinations. The classes will include more advanced strengthening exercises so that students can safely continue to improve on their flexibility and endurance.

*No experience necessary for beginner classes

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