Handstand Workshop
Fred Nicolas

Friday: Sept. 27 8:30-9:30pm
Saturday: Sept. 28 1:00-2:00pm
Fee: $25.00 + Tax
Ages: 14+

All Levels welcome!

Whether you are a total newbie to handstands or you have prior experience, this one-hour workshop will give you all the tools you need to learn how to safely play upside down with complete body awareness.

Class will begin with a short warm up and transition into different techniques and conditioning drills focusing on hollow body core work, stability & floor alignment.
Equipment such as parallettes, blocks and mats will be used.

The class will transition to proper handstands drills appropriate to your skill and level to begin, continue, and perfect your handstand journey.

Fred Nicolas is an Olympic gymnast from France. Having competed in the Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia in 1996, he went on to become a successful Circus acrobat performing in nearly 3000 consecutive shows with Cirque du Soleil and Dragone as well as being a part of 2 show creations – Le Reve and Viva Elvis.

Fred is now coaching gymnastics in Saskatoon at Marian Gymnastics where he is an owner of the Recreation Program. Fred is a Level 4 gymnastics coach with high-levelled gymnasts competing at Canadian Championships annually.

He has recently traveled to Houston, Texas to train and work with many of the best coaches in the world – Laurent and Cecile Landi, who are presently coaching Simone Biles – the greatest gymnast of all time.

Fred is an expert in physical preparation and conditioning for gymnasts and students who wish to develop their acrobatic abilities. His innovative ideas and training methods help students acquire the strength and control needed to learn basic skills which develop into more advanced skills.