We are excited to announce that Open Studio Time will be available to current Fly Studios YXE students.

*Full schedule will launch September 24 as scheduling may change.

Open Studio is a self-directed training time for students comfortable on their apparatus to practice climbs, skills, flexibility, choreography or just come in for a workout. Available to students currently enroled in Fly Studios YXE Classes.
Instructors will be present to answer questions, but will not be teaching tricks and skills.

Requirements : Must be a level 1+ Fly Studios YXE student over the age of 16+

* Open Studio Policy:

  • Warm up & stretch is mandatory before each class.
  • There is absolutely NO teaching/skill sharing of students by students.
  • NO learning moves from videos allowed. (e.g. Instagram/social media)
  • All drops/flips must be approved by the on-staff Fly Studios YXE instructor before you can practice them in open studio. If you learned a skill at another studio please speak with the on-staff instructor before attempting them in open studio.
  • Crash Mats must be used under all apparatuses with no exceptions.
  • Please refrain from video/photographing other students.
  • Don't use equipment you have not been trained on. Open studio time is for practicing skills you have learned in class, not for experimenting with new tricks or apparatuses.
  • Be courteous toward others using the space. This is meant to be a cooperative, supportive environment in which people can train and learn.  It's not a competition.
  • Respect the authority of the supervising instructor. The supervising instructor has the final say in all matters regarding safety.
  • If the staff have repeated concerns about your safety you may be asked to no longer attend Open Studio without a refund.

    Reminder: Open Studio is a privilege and students who have trouble following the above guidelines may be asked not to attend Open Studio.

join the first open gym class of 2018