Join our team of experienced aerial arts instructors as they safely teach you how to fly to new heights!  Our aerial instructors have extensive training & knowledge from renowned teacher training programs such as NECCA (New England Center for Circus Arts) & Aerial Arts America. Our instructors have traveled around the world to Australia, California, Las Vegas, Florida, to name a few and have trained with professional aerialists and former Cirque Du Soleil performers.





aerial fitness & Flexibility

This 1 hour intense Aerial Fitness & Flexibility class will push your muscle endurance and strength to their fullest capacity. Students will alternate between aerial apparatuses and floor work using exercises targeted for specific muscle groups that will be helpful for advancing in aerial classes.

The best part is that anybody is welcome to join the class even if you do not have aerial experience!

For beginners to advanced aerialists, this class is open to anyone looking to build muscle, endurance, and of course flexibility!